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Published August 10th, 2021

Register to View the Momo-50 and Sector-50 Free Watch Lists

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The free watch lists are updated weekly. Trade Long Term includes 2 free watch lists:


The Momo-50 list is ideally used as an idea generation tool. Whilst not a ‘magic’ list it will alert traders and investors to the markets strongest stocks and those likely to continue to perform. Use this list as a starting point for your research – save time & effort.

The Momo-50 List provides a quick guide to the 50 strongest (weakest) stocks within the S&P 500 universe.


When using the Momo-50 List priority should be given to those stocks within the strongest sectors. The Sector-50 List hosts the strongest US sectors via their respective ETFs. This list easily pinpoints industries that are leading or lagging.

The ranking of the list is done using proprietary algorithms that measure the momentum of the stock over the recent past.

The momentum anomaly suggests that stocks exhibiting strength (weakness) in the recent past will tend to continue to do so in the near future and may therefore provide trading and investment opportunity.

Members use the watch lists as an idea generation tool and a starting point for ongoing research.

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