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Published November 9th, 2021

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Premium Portfolio Subscription Black Friday (and Cyber Monday!) Deal

‘High Growth’ Strategy for the US stock market by Nick Radge

Use this Black Friday Deal to subscribe to the Premium Portfolio. The Premium Portfolio is my ‘high growth’ portfolio that mainly sources trades from the Momo-50 List.

This portfolio is an intermediate-term (6 – 8 months) active investment strategy that attempts to remain fully invested when the market is rising and automatically reverts to cash during sustained bearish markets such as witnessed during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis.

It’s systematic meaning that it does not rely on human opinion or any type of discretionary analysis. It derives the vast majority of its buy and sell signals from the Momo-50 List using non-disclosed mathematical algorithms which have been tested over many years of data and market conditions.

The portfolio I operate is divided into two; 50% has been allocated to monthly signals and 50% has been allocated to weekly signals.

The maximum number of positions I hold in each portfolio is 5. This concentration does increase volatility but ensures greater focus on the strongest stocks which in turn enhances performance.

How it Works

At the end of each week, and again at the end of each month, our model scans the universe to identify the strongest performing stocks. If the investment criteria are met, then the stock is bought.

Existing positions, ones that carry over to the next week or month, are held.

Positions that do not meet the investment criteria are sold.

Premium Portfolio Performance^

2021 YTD20.23%25.07%(4.83%)

Portfolio Capsule Summary

Trades / Year: 16 – 40
Avg Hold Time: 96 days
CAGR: 29.8%
Max Drawdown: -31.45%
Win Rate: 59.5%
Win/Loss Ratio: 2.82
Avg Win: 28.87%
Avg Loss: -8.76%

Nick Radge’s Premium Portfolio FAQs

How much does it cost to follow the Premium Portfolio?
The Premium Portfolio is US$495 per annum. Use the Black Friday Deal* COUPON CODE BACKINBLACK for 50% off your first year’s subscription fee.

Which broker do you use?
I use Interactive Brokers for this portfolio but any discount or online broker should be fine.

Only having five positions doesn’t offer much diversification?
This portfolio is designed to be aggressive and generate high returns. We take on a concentrated portfolio of the strongest stocks. It is possible that more than a core 5 positions could be held at times. It’s unlikely 10 different positions would be held at any given time.

Do you use leverage?

Do you trade short?
No. Research and experience shows that being in cash is stress-free and cheaper than attempting to trade bear markets.

Do you trade this strategy in your Retirement or 401K account?
I do not trade this specific strategy in my retirement account. I do trade another very similar version in it.

Do you sit in front of your computer each day to manage this strategy?
No. The portfolio is updated after the close of business on the last trading day of each week and each month – I put a reminder in my diary. Orders are placed anytime after that close for the next day’s open.

What’s the Black Friday Deal?

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