a new kind of investing
Turn the stock market around from being a 'hopeless game of chance' into a method of systematically growing your wealth.
"Since the Global Financial Crisis I’ve been looking for a smarter way to invest - one that helped me capture the growth as a market swings up and minimizes the downside when it falls. I’ve spent so long searching online, reading highly rated books and reading white papers. Then through a stroke of luck I discovered Nick Radge. For the first time ever I felt that I was actually investing with a plan that would work for me whether the market went up or down. I wasn’t beaten by the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 as I’d panicked at high valuations at the end of 2006 and sold everything. That meant I missed all of the gains in 2007 but also the losses in 2008. Thanks to Nick’s work and my learning I felt confident that in the future I wouldn’t be scared out of the market and I could trade with confidence knowing that following a tested systematic approach I could safely invest for the years ahead." - Tony S.
Momentum is a logical, time tested approach supported by vast amounts of academic and industry research gathered over many decades.

Stocks that have done well recently tend to continue doing well in the following months and even years. This is known as 'price persistence' and can be found in individual stocks, commodities, foreign exchange and indices. This unique style of investing allows investors to build wealth, navigate changing markets, avoid sustained bearish periods and meet lifelong investment goals.

Momentum investing is a disciplined, three-step process that's designed to capitalize on the persistence of stock prices.
1. Define the market trend
A rising tide tends to lift all boats, and the same rings true for stock prices. Research clearly shows that buying stocks only during strong market conditions provides significant advantages over buying stocks at any other time.
2. Invest in recent strength
We carefully screen all stocks in the NASDAQ list and invest in a small handful - the best of the best. We sell any stocks that don't continue to perform well. Switching from weak to strong occurs once a month meaning very minimal transaction costs.
3. Manage risk
An actively managed portfolio such as the NASDAQ-100 High Growth will quickly remove stocks that underperform and completely avoid the market during sustained downward shifts like the Global Financial Crisis.
I was taught that success comes from original thinking and a refusal to blindly accept statistical models, economic theories, and even 'common wisdom' prevailing within the investment community.

Since 1985 my philosophy has been quite simple:

Markets, and specifically individual stocks, manifest themselves in trends. While trends do not exist in all stocks all the time, they do exist in most stocks some of the time.

Simply put, directional price momentum tends to persist long enough to exploit and profit from.

If you're looking for a clever and calculated way to flip the fear and uncertainty of stock market investing on it's head, and turn it into a profitable endeavour, then I invite you to watch over my shoulder.

We play a great defense
You know the old saying, "Don't confuse brilliance with a bull market." The key to beating the market is being fully invested when it's rising and sitting comfortably in cash when it inevitably falls. Our strategy will automatically determine the trend of the market and, if required, exit all positions and revert 100% to cash during those negative periods.
Research driven
In today's social media fixated and instant gratification society it's easy for investors to make decisions that are emotionally driven and not financially optimal. To remove noise and emotion from the decision making process we utilise a research driven and evidence based approach that provides proven outcomes.
Gain ironlike confidence
Large losses from riding poor performing stocks, or suffering through sustained bear markets like the Global Financial Crisis, is now a thing of the past. The ingrained habit of holding losers yet selling winners too early can now be systematically eliminated. Our strategy will automatically and unemotionally exits bad stocks and bad markets and in doing so provides a heightened sense of security and confidence to invest regardless of what the doomsayers are saying.
Low cost.
We are not compensated by any company we invest in, broker or third party so we avoid any conflict of interest. Our small annual fee is fixed allowing efficient economies of scale when accessing our research. You do not require any software and there are no hidden fees apart from what your own broker will charge you.
"As retirees we left our Financial Planner and his lack of knowledge behind early this year. That proved a wise move. More losses and anguish would have been avoided had we found Nick [earlier]. Nick's insights and suggestions have been invaluable, our situation more stable and sleeping has become much easier.." - Helen and Rick L.

NASDAQ High Growth             $495 year

Designed for high growth.
We trade just once a month.
A fully systematic approach.
Concentrated portfolio of the strongest stocks.
Reverts to cash during sustained downward markets.
No software required.


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